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Nange Magro

Model: @itsnangemagro   Photograph: @g_a_j_o_s
Nange Magro (@itsnangemagro) is an Italian fashion designer based in London. Her father was a Japanese sculptor, and her mother an Italian painter, which ensured she was surrounded by art from an early age. This led to her enrolling at Milan’s Lucia Fontana Arts High School.
Model: @itsnangemagro     Photograph: @erevosfoto 

During her time at the school, Nange developed her style in the sculpture, drawings and technology. Following this, Nange studied Fashion Design at Milan Bovisa Politecnico, and then completed an MA in Digital Fashion at the London College of Fashion.
Model: @cervenafox 

This technological savvy is evident in her work for her fashion brand @deadlotus.couture which features latex kimono that are elegant and edgy in equal measure, where the central concept of her art and fashion is the creation of a parallel universe consisting of stories, dreams and emotions with a strong foundation of culture and technology.

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