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Kimono: The Making of a Cultural Icon


Take a journey through the history of Japan’s quintessential garment. From aristocrats to working peoples, from the 8th century to the 21st, witness the icon that is the kimono. This exhibition traces the changes in style and wear of the kimono as it responds to social, political, and cultural changes throughout the centuries.

Even today, recent revivals of the kimono have shown it to be a dynamic and multifaceted garment that continues to respond to current fashions - as evidenced by designers such as Nange Magro and Dead Lotus Couture whose works feature in the exhibition.

This multi-medium exhibition features antique woodblock prints, vintage posters, photographs, physical installations, and AR. The exhibits showcase the significance of the kimono in Japanese culture and history, as well as its relevancy to current fashions.


Each piece comes with a unique QR code full of information.