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Print to Pattern: Unveiling the Kimono through Japanese Prints

Start date: 10 May 2024

Exhibition Location: 23 Camden Passage, London N1 8EA

The kimono has long held a place of intrigue, it's form serving as a canvas for artistic expression. Throughout history, this garment has undergone significant evolution in weaving, dyeing and embroidery techniques. Notably, it's motifs and patterns serve as a visual language, revealing the depth of creativity and craftsmanship in Japanese textile design.

Displaying over 20 antique woodblock prints from kimono pattern books primarily dating from the late 19th century, the exhibition Print to Pattern: Unveiling the Kimono through Japanese Prints will offer a compelling narrative on the significance of kimono pattern books. These books played a pivotal role in documenting trends in textile design and art during the Meiji era, reflecting the cultural and aesthetic shifts of the time.

Scheduled to open on the 20th of April, the exhibition will present a diverse array of woodblock prints from Ezen Foundation’s collection. The display provides a comprehensive exploration of the intersection between traditional Japanese prints and the timeless allure of kimono.


Credits and Related Programs:

This exhibition is organised and curated by Olivia Mieke Maria-Paulina Martha, Wojtek Doria Dernalowicz, and Kalliopi Hadjipateras.

The gallery will feature an array of educational programs and educational talks, aimed at enriching the visitor's understanding of the showcased themes and artworks. Further details will be posted on this page in the future.