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David Wertheim

Throughout his life-long engagement with the arts, he has lectured, curated, and contributed to numerous exhibitions, whilst featuring in documentary programmes over the decades.

Exhibitions and lectures held in various museums and galleries include the Ashmolean Museum, SOAS university, the Royal Academy, Daiwa Foundation Regents Park, as well as commercial establishments such as Liberty’s™, Henry Sotherans of Piccadilly amongst others.

TV appearance include the series The Private Life of a Masterpiece produced for BBC2, broadcasted in 2004 and 2009; interview by Art Historian Andrew Graham-Dixon in 2006 as part of the acclaimed series The Secret of Drawing, produced for the BBC by Oxford Films.

His lifelong contribution and passion in the subject has led to the establishment of Ezen Foundation - a forum of education and a culture led series of events for widening and deepening the appreciation of Japanese art and culture where exhibitions, talks, and performances have inspired many since its formation.